Show Your Work!

Show Your Work!

So when I was looking through the chapters of Show Your Work, I jotted down some notes so I would not take up time writing my reflection if someone else was trying to access the book. However I think I may just leave my notes in bullet format and just reflect a little on each point that I thought was important in the first two chapters.

  1. how an artist prior to the digital age struggled to share the process
    • Imagine as an artist you are creating a peice of work that you want to share peices of with the world. Prior to computers, digital cameras, and cell phones this was a very labor intensive process. There was no take a screen shot or snap a photo with my Iphone and then upload it to the web. It was manually take pictures and then create physical images to share with others.
  2. In todays day in age it is much easier to share a portion or the entirety of a piece at the discretion of the artist
  3. Audiences long to be part of the creative process
    • Audiences want to see what youre doing. Its easy to admire a great painting, but what did the process look like? How did the artist layer the paint to get the desired result?
  4. we carry a functional multimedia studio around with our smartphones. Record your process and when youre ready to share you have plenty of photos
    • wow what a powerful tool a smartphone is today. I dont even know if that is a term anymore considering almost everyone uses one!
  5. create daily disbatch something that someone would be interested in- the mode of delivery doesn’t matter
    • Release something every day. Dont share junk, share your work
  6. use the SO WHAT test
    • Does it matter? What did it tell me?
  7. Build a great domain name for youself on the web
    • What we are doing right here in DS106!

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