Design Reflections

Design Reflections

I found the resources that were provided to us this week to be rather insightful. I started from the video imbedded on the blog, then read the Stranger Things Article, and finally the short booklet. Therefore I will give a quick run down in that order of what I thought.

The video started the thought process for me about how much more difficult it must have been to create type faces and signs without a computer. We live in a day where we have the ability to create and tweak things very easily with a drag of the mouse or toggling a font size. Before the advent of computers, graphic design was something that look much more time and effort. Dan Perry discusses how he will watch a movie that he is commissioned to do to feel out what is appropriate for the design. He would become inveloped in the idea of what the movie needed, which I think is very important.

My favorite of the three resources was the article and video on Benguiat. I thoroughly enjoyed his outlook on design as well as his attitude in general. His logos are some of the most recognized in the world without a whole lot of intricacy about them. He created type faces for companies that would become timeless logos. He also discussed in the video that was imbedded in the article about how he was a musician and how some people are just tone deaf. He went on to point out the similarities between being tone deaf and being sight deaf where there is no recognition that the type face is hideous. While I think there is some truth to what he says about not being able to see what is happening with graphic design, but there is a learning curve in which someone with some artistic ability can improve.

The last and most practical of the was the resource booklet. In there I found a lot of valuable information about graphic design all the way down to page layouts for books and letter head. I had never really contemplated the white space on the edge on a book and how that was all part of design. There are many other great points made in the book about creating quality work and becoming enveloped to ensure the product is satisfactory. What a great intro to graphic design.

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