Final Project Brainstorm

Final Project Brainstorm

Since I am not a super creative person, I am thinking that I may just do my life story. I have done several assignments in the past about things I have done and places I have gone but I have not gotten into any of my childhood or experiences. I could incorporate the following media sources:

Audio: Storytelling with the use of effects to magnify the story

Video: Multitude of videos from life/ with or without narration

Photos: Childhood till now

Graphic Design: Posters, etc.

Overall it is not a super exciting story, so if you have any ideas of how I could make it more interesting, reach out! Maybe I can make up some fiction parts? HELP!

6 thoughts on “Final Project Brainstorm

  1. You could throw in some random fantastic events that still sound vaguely plausible.

    “When I was three… I got snatched by a bald eagle. Here are the scars. The only reason I’m still alive is my mom’s a good shot.”

  2. You could interweave past and present, and future if you want, making a story out of the connections rather than the chronology. Like Pulp Fiction or Slaughterhouse-Five. The things that we do, and the things that happen to us, can take on new meanings in light of our pasts, so reordering events and juxtaposing events are ways of making the story more interesting.

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