House of Cards Poster

House of Cards Poster

For my second assignment of the week I chose to do one of the recommended assignments. The simplistic Movie Poster was worth 3.5 stars and can be found at:

American Flag

I chose to do a House of Cards poster because I had a great idea to cut out a spade and then put it on a flag. I wish it would have been as easy as I just said, but it was not. I am still working on my learning curve in GIMP. After spending the last hour and a half getting it right, I have finally learned how to properly cut out an object from another image! Overall this was similar to the wanted poster in that I imported several images and created different layers for each. To cut out the spade, I used the lasso tool. Once you zoom in and click lots of points around your object, you then create a path, invert the object, then cut away the portion you do not want. From there it is a matte of scaling the image to make it fit with the background image. Finally I added a 3rd layer to add the text. I tried to figure out how to darken the red stripe in the flag but I couldn’t seem to get it. I really do wish that there was more contrast between the white text and the red stripe.

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