Shawshank Redemption Video Essay

Shawshank Redemption Video Essay


For my video essay I did the closing scene of Shawshank redemption, one of my favorite movies. This assignment really put my skills to the test and I am still not super happy with it.

To create this I opened the video in youtube and muted it. I then went through and recorded myself in a few segments on audacity as I played the video through. Once I had my segments, I edited all of my “ums” out and got the video to match up pretty well with the audio. From there I pulled the two into iMovie and created a title slide. The most challenging part of this was trying to pause the video while continuing the audio when you want to make a point. I still have notĀ figured out how to do this on movie maker. I did my best by splitting the clips and then reallllly slowing the one portion down. So if anyone knows how to do this I would love to know. Here is what I turned up with:

Excuse my dog barking in the background…..

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