Spoiling Breaking Bad

Spoiling Breaking Bad

The first assignment that I chose to do this week was to create a movie spoiler in 30 seconds or less. Well, spoilerrrrr mine is for breaking bad and its 2 minutes. The link to the assignment is:


If you have never watched breaking bad, Walter the main character and his boss is Gus. To get back and kill his powerful boss he teams up with Tio Salamonca who cant speak and is in a nursing home. He agrees to blow up Gus when he comes to him for talking to the DEA. To create this masterpiece, I found two scenes on youtube from the show that I wanted to use to portray the spoiler. Then I used KeepVid.com to download the videos to my computer. From there I imported them into IMovie and worked my magic deleting some of the unnecessary parts. For my first attempt at it, this was not all that difficult for very simple editing. The only thing that I could not figure out was the second transition. It will allow you to change the amount time the transition takes by double clicking on the transition piece. For whatever reason, it would not let me change it from .1 to 1. No idea why but if anyone knows, let me know. Well here it is:

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