This Doesn’t Belong Here GIMP Cutout Tutorial

This Doesn’t Belong Here GIMP Cutout Tutorial

This assignment took me back to the Graphic Design week where I got a crash course in GIMP. If you are not familiar with GIMP, it is an open source software. The link to the download is available on our DS106 website. When I first downloaded it, it was all in english… Then when I opened it for this assignment it was all in spanish but luckily I can figure it out with the symbols and my limited spanish. So to start I found the image I wanted to cut out to put on the next layer. Download it to your computer and then import it into GIMP.


Once the photo is imported, you need to create an alpha layer to create a truly invisible layer that will enable you to put only the image you cut out onto another image. To do this right click on the image bar thing on the right hand side of your screen and then go down to where is says create alpha channel. Select that.


After your Alpha channel is created it is time to start cutting out your figure. To do this, zoom in to 400% and use the lasso/create paths tool to outline whatever it is that you are trying to cut out. The icon is selected in the photo below this one if you are looking for what it looks like. Once you have outlined your whole figure you need to connect your first dot and your last dot. Press control and click or command and click of you are on a mac. This will complete the path. YOU MUST PRESS CONTOL OR COMMAND. I could not figure this out at first.


Once you have a completed path, you need to create a selection from the path. Right click again and go to select, and then from path. 


After you have selected your path you need to invert it so that you delete the background and not the subject you were cutting out. Right click, select, then invert.


After you have inverted the picture you press control X on a mac or I believe delete on a PC and you are left with the image ready to be put on another image.


From here you can select another image you have imported into GIMP and then bring this to the front or you can create a new background to put the image on. To bring an image to the front or take one to the back, use the arrows at the bottom of the menu at the right hand side. Once you feel like you have completed your work, merge the images using command + M.

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