This doesn’t belong here, with a remix

This doesn’t belong here, with a remix

The second assignment I did for the week was remixing an image with another image inserted in there. Well the original assignment called for the second object to be as small and discrete as possible. Well in the Remix that it came up with, it says do the complete opposite! So to do that I make the second object the main focus of the mashup! The original assignment can be found here:

The assignment with my remix:


To complete this assignment, I thought it would be cool to do a scene out of the movieĀ AvatarĀ and then layer Mr. Incredible on top! I googled some images and found what I wanted. From there I took them into GIMP and cut out Mr. Incredible and layered him onto the scene from avatar. This would normally be pretty easy… some how my GIMP has found a life of its own and is now in spanish. I cannot figure out how to get it back but I still managed to get the assignment done. I will also be doing a tutorial for this assignment and how to cut out objects on GIMP so look out for that. Here is my assignment:

Avatar Mashup


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