Two Movies, One Line

Two Movies, One Line

The first assignment that I did for the week was to mashup two movie lines into one. The assignment can be found here:

Two Movies, One Line

When I started this assignment, I could not think of two one liners that could be mashed together successfully. Well thanks to the internet, and a search of “best one liners,” I came up with the famous line from Taken and Lord of the Rings. Once I had the lines I wanted, I searched them on youtube. From there I downloaded the videos using and imported them into iMovie. Cut the excess off the clips and slapped a title on there and wala. I thought it was pretty good. I wish the transition between the two was a little bit smoother but over all it is not too bad!

2 thoughts on “Two Movies, One Line

  1. The titles were a nice touch. They’re just a simple little addition, but they give the work a unity that might be missing otherwise.

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