Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary


At the beginning of the week I was absolutely swamped with work and dreading learning audio editing once I finished everything. However my opinion quickly changed when I began to get into the meat of the editing. It became quite enjoyable and I can say that I have learned something new. Here is my audio editing week!

  1. Started the week with my audio reflection

Audio Refection

2. My daily creates

Daily Createssssss

3. My radio bumper for ds106 radio!

Radio Bumper

4. 1/3 of my assignments

Sound Effects Story

5. 2/3 of my assignments

Make it slowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

6. 3/3 of my assignments

Line remix


7. And lastly my radio show ideas!

Radio Show Ideas


I included my reflections in my work this week so check some of them out. They are pretty neat!

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